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Contains the data of the family SMITS, to which the autor belongs himself.

The oldest ancestor is Matthijs Smet, born about 1495. He probably lived at Deurne. Over Boechout, Vremde, Ranst, Wommelgem, Wijnegem the family settled in 's-Gravenwezel, Schilde, again in Wijnegem, Wommelgem, Ranst and Vremde.

The file contains now (2004.03.01) 2186 people.

As early as 1977, long before the HAZADATA-file was built, the data have been published in "De Familie Smits in 't Land van Rijen". In 1996 an addition has been published by Lydia Benne-Smits in the form of a pedigree of her father "Gustavus Constantinus Smits". This branch is connected to the fourth generation of our data. This publication was inserted in the HAZADATA-file also.

A few copies of our work are still available.

The index of an older version of this file has been published by the VVF-section Genealogie & Computer under the codename "Index 47, INDJSMI".

An extract of this file in the form of an ancestor series of my grandson Maarten Smits is shown when you click on STAMREEKS. An index is available on this site. The "complete" pedigree of Maarten Smits is described further on in nr. 12.



During our research on the above family SMITS we found a lot of people in the same area with the same last name not being related to our own ancestors. Finally most of them were descendants of Jacob Smits living in Halle (Kempen) at the end of the 16th century. 25 years after finishing this research we found the time to bring them together in this HAZADATA-file under the name SMITS-Halle.

The file now (2004.03.01) contains 1087 people. An index is available at this site. An extract of this file in the form of an ancestor series of Emiel Smits (Wommelgem) is shown when you click on STAMREEKS.



Contains the data of the family of my daughter-in-law Els Oliviers. The family originates from Montrottier (Dep. du Rhône, France), 30 km west of Lyon. About 1730 a Pierre Olivier arrived at Roosbeek (Boutersem) near Tienen, where the name was transformed to Oliviers. From there the family moved in the 19th century to Hove and Boechout.

Two other branches originating from Herk-de-Stad and Rillaar are also taken up in this file.

The family history OLIVIERS was published in December 2001.

The file now (2004.03.01) contains 2133 people.

An extract of this file in the form of the ancestor series of Els Oliviers is shown when you click on STAMREEKS. An index is available also on this site.


10. HOGDAHL-Sweden -Chicago

When our cousin by marriage Ron Hogdahl from Chicago retired from his printing business, I told him into looking for his roots. His family seems to be native from Sweden (neighbourhood of Karlstadt). Many Hogdahls however you will not find in this file. In Sweden the habit, I explained in dept in an article in Gens Brabantica (Kwartierstaat van een 100-jarige: Amelie Andriessen) was still longer in use as in the Noorderkempen (Antwerp). The second name changed with each generation. A son of Per Hanson was called Anders Person and the latter's son Olaf Anderson etc...: a nightmare for genealogists.

The file contains now (2004.03.01) 168 people.

An extract of this file in the form of an ancestor series of Ronald Hogdahl can be seen by clicking on STAMREEKS.



Contains the data on the family FAES to which my wife, Laura Faes, belongs. The history of it has been described in 1983 in "De Familie Faes uit 't Land van Rijen", by Ludo Faes and myself. There are no longer copies available, sorry.

The origin of this family is found at Nijlen and its township Bevel. Laura's branch left this region for Zoerle, Westmeerbeek, Hontenisse (Zeeuws-Vlaanderen-Nl) to come back after the Belgian Revolution (1830) to the Land of Waas (St.-Niklaas, Rupelmonde, Bazel). Ludo's branch arrived via Kessel, Zandhoven and Borgerhout in the Antwerp area. Some other important core-towns are Vremde, Haacht, Hallaar.

The file contains now (2004.03.01) 3527 people. An extract in the form of the ancestor series of Laura Faes is shown when you click on STAMREEKS. An index is available also.

A diligent reader of our book copied the data for his pedigree and sent it to Ancestral File of the LDS where it is shown under # AF96-100548 and #AF97-107267. We hope to see the complete data from the book soon there (submitted by us to Ancestral File in 1998).



This file contains the pedigree of my first grandson Maarten Leendert Jos Smits (캚alst 1998.12.31) as far as I could find it. It is clear this pedigree is the same as his younger brother's one: Rutger Laurens Emiel Smits (캚sse 2001.06.14).

The data are based upon following sources:

1. My own research on the families SMITS, FAES, VAN DER KEILEN, OLIVIERS and DE LUYCK (period 1410-1998).

2. The publications of the late father A.Maris on several important families from the Waasland in "Vlaamse Stam" (period 1250-1790).

3. The "Hoofdcijnsboeken van het Land van Waas", published by A. Van Geertsom and G. Roggeman, Handzame 1966-1972 (period 1250-1790).

4. The publication by L. Lindemans in "Eigen Schoon en De Brabander" about the ancestors of duke Jan III of Brabant in 1959-60 (period 750-1350).

5. Caroli Magni Progenies, Pars I, by Siegfried Ross, Neustadt an der Aisch, 1977 (period 580-1000).

6. "De Franken", by Gustav Faber, Elsevier, Amsterdam/Brussel 1980 (period 400-580).

7. Help from many genealogical friends from all over the planet Earth.

The pedigree contains now (2004.03.01) 3350 individuals, some of whom are represented in the pedigree several times. Some lines contain 51 generations, but the main lines, those resulting from my own research, are limited to some 16 generations. For those main lines you can find on this site an ancestor series as an example: SMITS, FAES, VAN DER KEILEN, OLIVIERS.

An index on this file, with the possibility to ask extra information about one or two people from the list, is available also.


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