by Jozef Smits-Faes and Lodewijk Faes-Meyer.


When in 1983 we published "De Familie Faes uit 't Land van Rijen" we were conscious of the fact that not all namesakes could be connected to the ancestors treated in our book. Our announcement however was sent to all FAES's, so it was obvious we would disappoint some people, looking for their ancestors in vain.

That's why we included a guarantee: "If you do not find yourself or your ancestors in the book, we will provide you with an ascendance series down to about 1800, as long as it can be found in the neighbourhood of Antwerp".

Some fifty buyers took the opportunity to ask for a pedigree. These requests could be combined to 6 different branches.

The restriction "to about 1800" was introduced in order to avoid unforeseen difficulties with some parish records. We were lucky we had not to appeal to that clause, so many customers could be provided with an ancestor table down to the 17th century.

After having complied with our obligations against our buyers, we thought of some means to provide the data to the genealogical word in general. Since the printing and publishing of a book would have been too expensive, we made a few photocopies of this second part and donated them to the following institutions:

On top of the 6 requested genealogies we could reconstruct a 7th branch from the notes we took in the archives: the family of the famous piano- and musicshop Faes from Antwerp. We took the opportunity to publish in an 8th chapter some additions to the first volume, mainly to the branch "Vremde".


  1. Branch Humbeek, Tisselt, St.-Kathelijne-Waver.
  2. Branch Walem, Mechelen, Rulst, Herselt, Tongerlo.
  3. Branch Antwerpen, Schoten, Brasschaat.
  4. Branch Brecht.
  5. Branch Vosselaar, Turnhout.
  6. Branch Lier.
  7. Branch Antwerpen, Pruisen, Berchem.
  8. Additions and corrections to FAES Volume I



After the composition of FAES, part II (1984) two further genealogies have been compiled:

  1. Branch Schoten, Berendrecht, Ekeren, Antwerpen
  2. Branch Westerlo, Heist-op-den-Berg, Hulshout, Westmeerbeek, Boechout.

The latter genealogies have not been published.


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