A short introduction.



Jos Smits was born in Vremde (now township of Boechout) on 30.7.1934 and died suddenly in Edegem on 16.5.2007

He made his secondary schooling at Lier (former H.Geestcollege), Hoogstraten (Klein Seminarie) and Antwerp (St.-Jan-Berchmanscollege) 1946-1955.
B.Sc Mathematics & Physics at Louvain 1954-1956.
M.Sc Physics at Louvain 1956-1958.
Ph.D. Experimental Physics 1958-1960 with Prof. A. Van Itterbeek at Louvain.


Teacher Physics, Mathematics, Chemistry, Electricity 1958-1974 at Louvain and at Borgerhout (A1/A2).
Gevaert NV : Research Colorimetry 1962-1965.
Agfa-Gevaert NV :
Marketing Scientific Applications of Photography 1965-1971.
Marketing Consultant Research Management 1971-1979.
Regional Sales Manager Office Products 1979-1980.
Head Logistics Office Products 1980-1989.
Head Logistics Hardware 1989-1994.
Retired 4.10.1994.


Jos Smits is married to Laura Faes.

They have two sons :
Lieven Smits, born at Wilrijk on 18.9.1964, Ph.D. (Mathematics).
Bert Smits, born at Wilrijk on 2.8.1969, Ph.D. (Mathematics).
I'm interested in :
Flanders (member VVB).
Genealogy (member VVF).
Bridge (member VBL).
Travel (member VTB).

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